Sydney Art Zone, an idea

July 9, 2015 6:41 am Published by


To create The Sydney Art Zone as a 10-hectare precinct around the White Bay Power Station, including its own frontage to the foreshore of White Bay.

To create a master plan, with supportive planning legislation, active connections to adjacent streets and landholdings in Rozelle.

The primary objective is to create a precinct where creative processes and products are displayed to and interact with the public.

Sydney Art Zone will:

  1. Include, but not be limited to, all forms of art, music, design, performances, fashion, digital, light, architecture, industrial design, education, ceramics, graphics, photography, indigenous art, poetry, media , moving image, politics, sustainable concepts, future concepts, international ideas, urban design, place making, public art, and creative processes, which are contemporary, thoughtful and possibly challenging;
  2. Apply curatorial control only to the quality of the display, not the content. Content means the idea, process, intellectual property of the individual or organisation;
  3. Be open to all creative institutions, schools, universities, colleges, individuals, national or international and not be limited to any region, culture, belief, religion, belief structure or concept;
  4. Be an open, living, supportive environment for all processes creative and innovative.

The Sydney Art Zone mandate is to provide support for creative processes including but not limited to workspace and accommodation to those who participate where necessary.

All components of Sydney Art Zone whether retail, commercial or other activities, will be assessed on the value of the idea and its creative interpretation of the event in all cases.

All profits are directed in support of continuation of creative and innovative processes, education, assistance to artists and their display, promotion or manufacture.