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The Generator is a non-conforming tender by Sydney Arts Zone Limited to create a precinct for arts and innovation in and around the White Bay Power Station.

The Generator is a centre for spatial exploration, production and display of technologies and media ecologies through artistic expression.

The Generator will be innovation manifest, a necessary place for contact and interaction between innovators, and local and global communities.

The Generator will be an opportunity to be ‘in’ the innovation, to be part of ongoing change and to witness history and to tell its stories.

It is envisaged that The Generator would take the form of a village, approximately 3 Ha adjacent to the White Bay Power Station, space within the old Switch House building and access to the Turbine Hall and Public Spaces around the Power Station.

The Generator is a place at the heart of The Bays, adjacent to and partly inside the White Bay Power Station.

The Turbine Hall Power Station White Bay

It is a zone comprising ongoing exploration of the arts, media and technology through production, performance and display.

The Generator is founded on the idea that technological innovation is accelerated when complemented by art. Also, that art is advanced through technologies and the ability to perform and display at a civic scale, in one place.

The Generator is, itself, an ongoing experiment in architectural design and place making, making visible the myriad technological revolutions now occurring.

The Generator asserts that Sydney’s trajectory as an innovative Global City will be more assured if there is a place, accessible to all, where innovation can be witnessed.

The Generator is an essential early component in the DNA of The Bays if its transformation is to signify and to generate innovation.

The Generator is an ever-changing immersive environment that optimises social interaction, attracting and holding innovative people in supportive and exciting ways.

The Generator
The Generator
The Generator
The Generator
The Generator


Innovation is more than just technology. Innovation can occur in any human endeavor. The heart of innovation is creativity. And every human being is creative. The Generator is for everyone.

The Generator is the first precinct in the world that is designed to stimulate and accelerate the process of creativity and innovation.

It is designed to lift everyone who visits it to a higher plane of thinking, and to facilitate the type of collisions, interactions, relationships and knowledge spillovers that generate creative insights and innovations.

Moreover, The Generator is designed to adapt to the ever-changing unknown future. It is agile. It constantly kills off and renews its own spaces. It evolves like an organism.

There is no other precinct in the world that can do this.

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“The present is very difficult to see. It takes enormous energy, and most people don’t have enough energy to see anything, let alone the present. That’s why they talk about the future.” Marshall McLuhan

Sydney has the opportunity to create a new cultural icon--as radical as the Opera House, but in harmony with today’s rapid- paced, globalised and highly diversified society—less a wonder of architecture, more a wonder of place.

During UrbanGrowth’s Call for Ideas in 2015, the Sydney Art Zone was seen as en evolving part of a large-scale transformation of The Bays, occupying the entire 10 Ha around the White Bay Power Station. On the web site we created at the time, we showed an ‘Indicative City’ in order to put our cultural initiative in context.

Sydney Arts Zone


Meaningful transformation cannot occur through property development alone since the viability of all property development is rooted in demand from existing markets. Economic dependence on the present precludes real innovation.

“Sydney Arts Zone Limited” is a gift to the people of New South Wales. It has been established for the purpose of this Request for Proposals as an ‘open vehicle’, to be populated with personnel selected with the guidance and participation of the NSW Government.

This proposal is non-conforming insofar as it is not a property development proposal that fits within the terms of reference of the Request for Proposals. Rather, it is a cultural idea that we believe is self-sustaining economically and a crucial component of the desired resilience and long-term value of The Bays.

We believe that The Generator could be the missing magic ingredient that fires and sustains The Bays as an innovation hub. We believe that The Generator must be an open agenda in terms of creativity, governance and innovation.

We believe that the preferred governance strategy for The Generator is as a not-for-profit organization administered by a Trust.

To this end we have registered ‘Sydney Arts Zone Limited (SAZ) as a not-for-profit organisation. “Sydney Arts Zone Limited” (SAZ) is seeking deductible gift recipient status, “DGR“. All profits are to be in support of continuation of creative and innovative processes, education, assistance to artists and their display, promotion or manufacture would.

The Power Station White Bay Rozelle

This is your chance to repurpose unused land for a spectacular area that will benefit everyone. Together we can make Sydney Art Zone happen.
And the time is now.

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