Q. Who is Sydney Arts Zone? (SAZ)

A. It is a registered not for profit organisation committed to developing an Art Zone in Sydney in and around the White Bay Power station.

Q. Are there any vested interests?

A. No, the structure of the organisation is set up to prevent the involvement of vested interest. Its mandate is to have bi-partisan support for all things creative and innovative.

Q. Why is there a big city on Glebe Island and around The Bays next to the Power Station?

A. SAZ believes that The Bays could be developed with art and creative industry at the core of its purpose. To promote discussion we have explored, with our urban designers an ‘Indicative City’that imagines new ways of living, working and creating. It is a high-density, highly connected and high-touch city that also demonstrates the importance of securing 10 hectares at the outset for SAZ. Our urban designers believed not only in the opportunity of SAZ but of the Bays precinct in general. Why not have a innovative model city, work, live, leisure laced with public transport and truly sustainable. It’s no more than an idea of what’s possible.

Q. Does this cost the taxpayer anything?

A. No, SAZ is seen as critical social infrastructure for The Bays and for a growing Sydney. While it can be financed through recycled capital from the development of The Bays, it is also seen as adding value exponentially through time. Firstly, SAZ will generate export revenue through inbound cultural tourism. Secondly, it will foster and create myriad new cultural exports that derive directly from SAZ’s integrated creative enterprises.

No, its public land and potentially lead to more than 300 jobs created related to the arts. Moreover the tourism dollars would add to the desirability of Sydney as a tourist destination and potentially add billions more to Sydney’s economy. MONA effect on Hobart is a good example.

Q. What is an art zone?

A. A place where innovation, creativity and design, covering all aspects of the arts, can be displayed, created and showcased to the public.

Q. Why does Sydney need an arts zone?

A. An Arts Zone reflects on who we are, how we think and feel, how we express ourselves, how we confront challenges of self and society. It’s a place for inspiration and ideas. Sydney is a growing global city and needs to, not only expand its cultural infrastructure, but needs to do so in a way that is self-sustaining, highly visible and globally compelling. Sydney is a global city. A global city needs a cultural hub.

Q. Why White Bay Power Station?

A. For an art zone to work it has to be in the city center, have affordable land for speculative arts to take place, be well connected to public transport and have the space for major displays. The Power Station, centered around anchoring The Bays precinct, achieves all of these objectives and, is on land owned by the public, displays adjacent to the inherent beauty of Sydney Harbour. There is no other place in Sydney which that achieves qualifies from this a global perspective.

Q. Is an art zone limited to particular areas of the Arts?

A. No. It will have no limit on what ideas and innovation can be created or displayed. Sculpture, technology, architecture, food, music, fashion, digital media, graffiti, politics, global ideas, sustainability ideas, dance all are welcome and indeed necessary for an art zone to be relevant. Creativity is us, it’s about us. It’s what makes us human.